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Where to Find Higher Quality Vegan Pizza in Australia

Are you on the hunt for a truly world-class vegan pizza? If so, look no further than Salt Meats Cheese. We pride ourselves on offering some of the finest and most authentic Italian food in Australia. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan or not following any specific diet, we have pizzas, pasta and other Italian dishes that will surely hit the spot.

Why Visit Salt Meats Cheese for Vegan Pizza?

Finding vegan or vegetarian restaurants is difficult enough as it is. Most restaurants have just one or two vegan options on the menu, which can make it tough to go out for dinner if you’re following a vegan diet. Vegan pizza restaurants tend to be even rarer. Luckily, at Salt Meats Cheese, you can find the high-quality Italian vegetarian pizza or Italian vegan pizza you’ve been craving. Here are a few reasons to visit us.

  • Our high-quality pizzas: We aren’t a cheap fast food pizza place. Instead, we take time and care when assembling our pizzas, using only the highest quality ingredients and crafting each pizza in the Italian tradition. The result is a delectable pizza that we are sure you will adore from the very first bite.
  • Our vegan-friendly events: Our goal from the beginning has been to offer more than just a standard sit-down restaurant experience. With that thought in mind, we regularly offer a variety of fun events to get our customers even more excited about the food we serve. One of these events is designed with our vegan customers in mind. One a month, we hold ‘Italiano Vegano,’ a once-a-month all you can eat vegan pizza and pasta night. These events are $25 per person with a drink purchase. If you need your pizza to be gluten-free, we can also do that for five dollars extra.
  • Our versatile menu: We aren’t just a vegan restaurant. We know that families and groups of friends go out to dinner together all the time, and our goal is to make sure there is something for everyone on the menu, regardless of diet. Our Italian menu is versatile and varied, ensuring there’s something for the vegans, the vegetarians, the cheese enthusiasts, the pasta fans, the meat lovers and more.

Upcoming Events at Salt Meats Cheese

As you will see from browsing our website, our vegan-friendly restaurants are also known for offering fun and engaging events and cooking classes. Here are a few more details about these events and how you can get involved at your nearest Salt Meats Cheese establishment.

  • Our Events and promotions: Check out the ‘What’s On’ page to learn about some of the dining activations we have on tap going forward. We try to follow a weekly or monthly pattern with most of these promotions, to help our customers add us into their routine if they so wish. For instance, each Wednesday, we present our famous ‘Cheese Wheel Wednesday,’ where we serve a decadent, delicious cheesy pasta right out of the cheese wheel at your table. Other favourite events include our ‘Pizza Pasta Festa’ (all you can eat pasta and pizza with a drink purchase for $20 per person) and ‘Gnocchi Me Out’ (one kilogram gnocchi to split at your table for just $35). Of course, those seeking us out as their new vegan restaurant in Brisbane will want to keep an eye out for our next Italiano Vegano event!
  • Our Classes: Eating delicious vegan pizza or pasta at your favourite Italian restaurant is always a blast. However, what if you knew how to make restaurant-quality Italian food at home? One of the things we love to do at Salt Meats Cheese is spread the cooking knowledge that we’ve built up over years of foodservice and happy customers. We offer a variety of courses on a rotating basis, including ‘We Knead Pizza’ (pizza making and margaritas), ‘Apertivo Hour’ (cocktail making and appetisers), ‘Pasta Master Class’ (making fettuccine, ravioli and tortellini), ‘Pizza Master Class’ and more. These courses are designed to be easy and fun. We welcome any student, regardless of experience level with cooking or food prep. We also provide everything you will need, from utensils to ingredients. Just bring yourself and an appetite—plus maybe a friend to share the experience!

Keep an eye on our events page to see which occasions we have coming up on the calendar. Between our activation events and our courses, we have an event going on virtually every day at Salt Meats Cheese. Just make sure the event in question is offered at your location. We have eight locations across New South Wales and Queensland. Schedules for activations and especially courses can vary from one location to the next. For each event listing on our website, we do include details on which venues are offering that particular event.

About Salt Meats Cheese

Established in 2015, our business has quickly built a name for itself as a welcoming, authentic Italian dining establishment. Between our eight locations—as well as one Bar Ombre—we are giving customers a way to enjoy delicious food and generous portions at affordable prices. Plus, with our classes, we are giving those same customers the tools and knowledge they need to cook up incredible Italian food at home. Whether you are looking for quality vegan restaurants on the Gold Coast or just trying to find a restaurant that will appeal to a party with widely differing preferences or dietary restrictions, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.


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